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The Appeal Of Tablet Computers

Tablet Computers Are A Popular Choice

ipad tablet computerTablet computers are, for many people, the number one computing choice right now. They make up more than 50% of computer sales, outselling laptops and desktops combined. When you bear in mind that they first appeared when Apple launched the iPad in 2010, that’s an amazing result.

Personally speaking, I like to use an e-reader for reading – but I still have a tablet which I use for just about everything else. They really are very handy gadgets and amazingly portable. I had thought that my laptop was a portable device before I got a tablet – but it has a whole bunch of peripherals; cables, mouse, laptop cooling pad etc. that really need to go with it for anything but short term use – until I got my tablet.

And portability is just one of the reasons why tablet computers are so popular. Most people find touchscreen interfaces very easy and intuitive to use these days – much more so than a QWERTY keyboard and mouse. A lot of people who wouldn’t normally sit down at a desktop or laptop will quite happily pick up a tablet and start swiping, poking and prodding away.

I actually sat in my living room fairly recently and watched my two nieces and my mother-in-law all hunched over a tablet computer on the sofa. The age range ran from 4 to 78 years – and they all have their own tablets which they use regularly.

I thought that it was a nice little tableau and a very good illustration of the huge age range that tablets appeal to. I know that my mother-in-law wouldn’t go near a desktop or laptop, and I suspect that my nieces wouldn’t be allowed to.

Tablets can be very educational for children, there are all sorts of apps on the market and parental controls can ensure that the little ones don’t wind up in the wrong place or view inappropriate material. At the other end of the scale, tablet computers for seniors are a great idea. They can offer older family members a whole new window on the world and let them keep up with current affairs, watch movies, keep in touch with friends and family and even play games.


Tablet computers really are fun for all ages – and that’s another important part of tablet’s appeal; tablet computers are fun. At the moment, the large majority of tablet computer purchases are for personal use – and most users intend to use them for entertainment – watching movies, playing games, hanging out on social networks, that sort of thing.

Some people (the more grumpy and serious ones) will point out that you can’t be as productive using a tablet as you can with a laptop. That’s perfectly correct of course, but it’s missing the point – tablets are not meant to be productive, they are for fun – which is just one more reason why people like them so much. After all, who wants to open up a humungous spreadsheet when you could be watching a movie or fragging some bad guys?

Tablet computers¬†are becoming more accepted in the corporate world these days, so you might see them becoming a bit more serious (and productive) over the next year or so. It’s not out of the question that Windows tablets could get a bit of a leg up as business types want to interface with their already existing software, apps and documents. However, for the moment, tablet computers are very much for personal fun time! Maybe it’s not so surprising that so many people like them after all.

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